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Mixing It Up

jenaya crosson

This morning as I was whipping up some bagels [ I never make enough for market day] I realized the #1 question I get asked at markets and by people buying our products is :

"What kind of mixer do you recommend/use?"

My hands- down answer?


Saskatoon Cinnamon Bagels comin' up!

Saskatoon Cinnamon Bagels comin' up!

I know, I know, Kitchen Aid is prettier. As a designer, I get it. They make a great counter accessory and they do habe their place in the baking world. Just not in the working with whole wheat dough world. [ or any dough i found, except in small quantities, and this busy farm wife has no time to make a gazillion one loaf batches]

Yup. I had one- I didn't listen to my mom's advise who has been making home made bread with hers every week for 25 years and its still kicking. Impressive. She bought hers back in the day when they were $800 [ that was A LOT of $ back then for a small kitchen appliance] but she ironically made bread and sold to the farmers markets and various gas stations etc. to pay for it.

Anyway, I wanted a pretty Kitchen Aid to add style and hopefully function to my countertop but I learned pretty quickly it wasn't going to cut it.

When you are making breads or dough of any kind the success is all in the mixing. It needs to be slow, powerful kneading that gets the gluten activated nicely- otherwise you end up with the proverbial ' rock' loaf that sadly many associate with 100% Whole grain breads. Not so, my friends. The Bosch does an amazing job of this + I can make 5-6 loaves at a time [ depending on your loaf pan size] and they freeze wonderfully so you always have a loaf on hand.

Another idea popped into my head as well - [ apparently when I stop and bake, creative juices flow] . Since baking the actual bread is more of a community thing for us and a way to share what we are doing, many people have asked if I would share our recipe/ give them our process. My answer- Of course!

I have even offered to come help a few of our faithful customers in their kitchens to get their recipes just right.

Our passion is getting families eating bread the wholesome way- its gotten such a bad rap in the past few years but we believe [ and research suggests] that the biggest problems caused by " wheat" is actually mostly how we eat them : [ enter: Wonderbread, Timmies muffins at 450 calories a pop, Spices with wheat added as a filler causing unneeded exposure] we believe if you eat it in the form it was intended [ whole, and cut the sugary treats] there wouldn't be a problem. In fact many people have said our bread makes their tummy feel 'good' and keeps them fuller, longer. I personally have never experienced bloating or gas when I eat somwhing made with our whole grain blend. [ restraunt breadstick overload, um ya different story. But then how much of that is actually wheat? What about the overload of butter and salt..See my point?]

Anyhow- I would just wonder if some of you who are trying to make healthy changes to how your family eats [ the more you can make yourself, the better] & trust me- it isn't hard & it doesn't take all day + it is sooo rewarding!

Would you be interested in a hands on ' Cooking with Whole Grain Flour' workshop?

I'm thinking of a day of mixers, flour flying everywhere and learning about how to use whole grains in your every day recipes. Even how to introduce it to your family who " Only likes White"- we promise. There are sneaky ways to add it in and they won't even know!

I'm thinking maybe a virtual class as well for those who may be too far away to attend. Just putting this out there- shoot me an email in the " Contact Us" page- or send me a private message on Insta, FB or even just comment on this post if you think it would be something that wouls strike your fancy.

Cheers & Wholesome Goodness,